The artist and his work

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Stathis Katsarelis is born in Lamia, where he spends his childhood and adolescence. At the age of 18, he leaves his parents who make mattresses and quilts. In Athens he works on photography and graduates from the School of Maritime Navigation. During 1976-‘78, he travels on commercial ships to Europe and Africa. At this time, he also gets familiar with the art of tapestry and is charmed by it. For the next years he studies and researches the art of tapestry, assisting different public institutions and private schools, while learning close to great art teachers, such as Giannis Tsarouxis, and Sofia Kana, on natural dyes.

Stathis Katsarelis is a painter who has exchanged brushes and synthetic colors with threads and natural colors, making tapestry paintings. Since 1981 he has been working and exploring the art of tapestry. In the vertical looms where he creates his pieces, with perseverance, dedication and hard work, he continuously studies and renews the secrets of this art, combining different techniques. His pieces are the result of painting, weaving, natural dyeing and sculpturing.

In his creations we find elements both from the classic tradition as well as from the western art. He creates a personal style without prejudice that incorporates his work into contemporary art movements.

He has had many solo exhibitions as well as been part of collective ones. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. One of his objectives is the teaching of his art, giving lessons and workshops on tapestry, weaving and natural dyes.

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