Lessons of weaving, tapestry, and natural dyes

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General information about the program

The philosophy of the weaving lessons is to take place in a beautiful environment and a friendly atmosphere. Both advanced and beginner students can follow it. After a brief introduction to the materials that we will be using (frame-loom, yarn etc), we will advance to the main techniques of weaving. Each participant will use an individual frame-loom, creating simple tapestries which can be taken home at the end. The teaching approach will follow the traditional art, but will also be in accordance to modern trends.

Who is the teacher

Lessons are given by the tapestry artist Stathis Katsarelis who has been actively practicing the art since 1981. He is inspired by contemporary movements as well as classical tradition in the art of tapestry and weaving. He has presented his work in group and solo art exhibitions.

More about the artist and his work

Where do they take place

Axladitsa Avatakia, South Pelion- Promiri



The training course comprises tapestry and weaving lessons as well as an introduction into natural dyes.

In the tapestry-weaving lessons you will learn about:

  • The philosophy behind the lessons. A little theory and a lot of practice.

  • The lessons can be followed both by beginners and advanced students.

  • The tapestry-weaving lessons are performed on a small frame-loom. Each person have their own loom.

  • The students acquire experience in the use of different materials, warps and wefts to be used in their craft.

  • Each person will place the warp in their own frame-loom.

  • Everyone can take home their own craft work and dyed material.

  • You will be trained into different weaving techniques of rug, carpet and tapestry etc. Even on how a geometrical or free design is transferred in weaving.

  • We work in groups or alone so that each one will learn what they need and what they are interested in learning about weaving.

  • The small frame-loom can be bought to the price of (30-40 €) to continue the weaving at your house.


In the lessons of natural dyes you will learn about:

  • History of the art of dyeing.

  • Plants that can be used for dyeing, which parts of the plants are used for dying and ways to collect and preserve them.

  • Preparation of the dyeing materials from the plants.

  • The procedure of dyeing the fibres with natural dyes (i.e. cleaning the yarn, using mordant, dyeing, washing, testing the dyes on the yarn).

  • Dyeing in different colors (yellows, reds, blues,greens). The participants can take away samples from the dyed fibers.